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Tired of complicated car lingo and hidden costs in the bill from your mechanic? At DK Mechanical Repairs, we take the confusion out of having your vehicle serviced or repaired.

We will walk you through any required work and the associated costs involved. It’s our job to help you understand what your car needs and why, so you’re always comfortable with the work we undertake.

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Mechanic Repairing — Mechanic Repair in bay, NSW


New & Used Car Logbook Servicing

We complete every logbook service to the manufacturer’s specifications and follow the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association regulations for new vehicle servicing. This upholds the warranty of your car and helps to maintain its resale value. Our prices are upfront so there’s no nasty bill shock.

Caravan & Trailer Servicing

During a caravan or trailer service, we perform roughly 40 different inspections and tests, completing lubrication, top-ups or repair work as required. We thoroughly check the full body, all moving components and areas prone to wear and tear, such as external lights, circuits, brakes and water tank mountings.

eSafety & AUVIS Inspections

eSafty Petrol, Diesel & LPG Pink Slips

Before a vehicle that is more than 5 years old can be re-registered, you’ll require an eSafety certificate, also known as a pink slip. As an authorised eSafety inspection centre, we can assess if your petrol, diesel or LPG light vehicle is safe to be driven.

If your vehicle passes the inspection, we’ll send an electronic copy of the report to Roads and Maritime Services for you. In the event your vehicle does not pass the inspection, we can make any repairs for you within the required 14-day period.

Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspections (Blue Slips)

A vehicle that meets any of the following criteria will require a blue slip before it can be driven legally:

  • Has an expired registration of 3 months or more.
  • Has been purchased outside of New South Wales
  • Has no number plates
  • Was written-off & approved for re-registration
  • Has a cleared defect notice
  • Once your vehicle has been inspected and approved, we’ll send a copy of the report to Roads and Maritime Services.

    Repairs, Replacements & Maintenance

    All General Repairs & Maintenance

    However small the mechanical repair, you can come to our Warners Bay workshop for quality workmanship at an affordable price. We have the right equipment and knowledge to accurately assess any problem for all makes and models. We will always seek your approval prior to commencing any work.

    Diesel Motor Repairs

    With on-site diesel technicians, we’re able to make repairs to all types of cars and 4WDs. We carry out all diesel motor repairs to the manufacturer’s standards, advising you beforehand of the extent of work required and related costs.

    Engine Replacement

    Where possible, we’ll repair any faults within a car or 4WD’s engine. If repairing or replacing individual parts won’t fix the problem, or if the costs exceed the value of the potential improvements, we may suggest an engine replacement. We’ll carry out the replacement in our modern workshop using a quality new engine and parts.

    Gearbox & Diff Service & Repairs

    The gearbox in your car is responsible for converting speeds and torque, with an effective system helping maintain low fuel consumption. Differentials then divide the engine’s torque between the wheels, allowing for efficient turn rates. We can service and repair older gearbox and differential systems, as well as newer models.

    Automatic Transmission Service

    Thanks to the modern technology and equipment available to our mechanics, we can easily scan and check your vehicle’s automatic transmission system. Once we have the results, we can service, repair, flush or rebuild your transmission as required.

    Suspension Replacement

    Your vehicle’s suspension is vital for the comfort and control of your drive. A suspension sag or break may cause your car to sway when turning corners, excessively bounce over bumps, sit lower on one side or make a knocking noise. If you’ve noticed any of the above, book in to see our mechanics.

    Brake Repair & Replacement

    Over time, your brake pads, disc rotors and drums wear down, requiring replacement to ensure you can stop safely at any time. We can also repair the hydraulic system. Your brake fluid may also require flushing out.

    Clutch Repair & Replacement

    If you’ve noticed a grinding noise while changing gears, had trouble engaging the pedal, or issues with starting your car, then come see our experienced mechanics. The clutch is responsible for transferring power from the engine through the gearbox, which leads to the operation of your wheels. It’s important to have a professional mechanic undertake any clutch repairs or replacements to ensure the longest possible lifespan for the parts.

    Exhaust Repair & Replacement

    An exhaust system is made up of several parts, all of which need to be in good working order to ensure your car runs smoothly, quietly and maintains clean air. A failing exhaust system may make excessive noise, have a strong smell or trip your warning light. Once the problem is diagnosed, we’ll walk you through whether either a repair or replacement is the best option

    Timing Belt Replacement

    The timing belt is just one of the many components vital for the efficient operation of the engine. A burning smell or rattling from your car’s engine may indicate it’s time for a replacement. Putting off replacing your timing belt can potentially result in major engine failure down the road!

    Scan Diagnostics

    Using scan tools and diagnostic equipment, we can identify the cause of everything from a warning light to lack of power in a particular component. We start by interpreting fault codes, analysing the data and your vehicle’s symptoms to get to the bottom of the problem. This allows us to provide a thorough explanation to you on the cause of the issue, as well as what solutions are available. For performance vehicle owners, this can help you find out exactly how to maximise your engine output.

    Battery Testing & Sales

    Nobody likes an unexpected dead battery. If you suspect your battery could be coming to the end of its life, come in for a battery test. When you’re in need of replacement, we have affordable products from Century Batteries readily in stock, which our mechanics can easily fit for you.

    EFI Tuning

    EFI (electronic fuel injection) tuning is the art of adjusting a tuner to allow the right amount of fuel to release at the right time. It can have a huge impact on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and performance. The electronic control unit (ECU) can also be controlled by the EFI system, allowing for optimum horsepower. In short, if you want to get the most power out of your vehicle, get in touch with our team at DK Mechanical Repairs.

    Radiator & Cooling System

    If your car is overheating easily, your radiator may be to blame. Our mechanics can assess the problem, explaining our findings openly, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to repairs. We can also carry out preventative maintenance to ensure you won’t be broken down on the roadside because of a blown radiator hose anytime soon.

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    DK Mechanical Repairs is a family owned and operated workshop where our customers always come first. Whatever your vehicle is in for—whether it’s a logbook service, repairs, performance tuning or a safety inspection—you’ll know exactly what we’re doing and how much it will cost. Check out our online booking form or give us a call today.

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